Green Driving from the Start© is a presentation developed by Idle-Free California Inc. executive director Wayne Michaud. To start student drivers or new drivers down the right road, the Green Driving from the Start Teacher’s Toolkit is being offered here as a free resource to Driver Educators anywhere in the U.S. as well as high school Science, Math, STEM, Health, and Environmental Science / Club teachers. Green Driving from the Start shows students the economical and environmental benefits in practicing green driving.


Green Driving from the Start presentations are intended for high school audiences to raise their awareness of the benefits of green driving -- also known as eco-driving and smart driving -- before acquiring misinformed driving habits.


Presentation resources include a 30 minute PowerPoint and videos explaining the benefits in green driving - a series of efficient driving practices which result in being an average of 24% more fuel efficient. Driver educators in particular will be interested in the fact that green driving makes you a SAFER driver; green drivers avoid jackrabbit starts, are more aware of flow of traffic around and ahead of them, and avoid tailgating. Learn more about green driving here. Students receive handouts and are given a "quick quiz".


POTENTIAL IMPACT: Students — and by extension, some of the adults around them — will learn to be more environmentally responsible and efficient drivers as they continue to drive traditional internal combustion engine vehicles for the next 10-20 years (or when these vehicles are eventually supplanted by alternative fuel vehicles). This will enable each driver to avoid the consumption of hundreds of gallons of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by thousands of pounds.

Teacher's TOOLKIT


This Green Driving from the Start Teacher's Toolkit contains all presentation elements: a PowerPoint with suggested notes and suitable for customizing, videos, handouts, and "quick quiz".

• POWERPOINT: Green Driving from the Start


• VIDEO: To Idle or Not to Idle (2:36)                                    • VIDEO: CAA Fuel Efficient Driving Tips (5:02)
















• VIDEO: Dr. Gerald S. Davis idle free talk

• VIDEO: How Start-Stop Works - Johnson Controls

• VIDEO: American Idle: Running in Place - Green Ninja Show

• VIDEO: Busting the Myth that Vehicle Idling Uses Less Fuel than Restarting the Engine


• HANDOUT: Clean Cities Idle Free Fact Cards

• HANDOUT: 10 Green Driving Tips

• TEST: Green Driving from the Start Quick Quiz questions The Quick Quiz is a fun and informative four-minute, on-the-spot written test that is intended to be given just before the PowerPoint slide that reveals the Quick Quiz answers.


Presentation time varies from about 30 minutes to one hour depending on how much content is shown.










NOTE: To help gauge the success of our educational outreach, we at Idle-Free California would very much appreciate hearing from teachers that make use of this resource. Please notify Wayne Michaud: info@idlefreecalifornia


The Green Driving from the Start logo and any and all items contained in the Teacher's Toolkit may be used for nonprofit purposes only.

©Idle-Free California Inc.


Some states or school districts offer driver's education course instruction online rather than in the classroom. While the complete Green Driving from the Start presentation is not available for online instruction, Green Driving Tips can be incorporated into the online course. It is strongly recommended to also include the CAA Fuel Efficient Driving Tips video.