Owners' Manuals

Many vehicle owners' manuals have specific instruction on idling requirements along with recommendations and warnings to avoid excessive idling for reasons of fuel economy, severe duty that results in engine wear and oil breakdown, when the vehicle is unattended, and most importantly - the danger of idling in enclosed spaces or when ventilation is not adequate, as deadly carbon monoxide poisoning can occur.


NOTE: It's a myth that idling is good for an engine or doesn't cause additional wear. Excessive idling can create engine wear and carbon soot buildup in the engine and components, and affect the life of engine oil. It can also shorten the life of spark plugs and the exhaust system due to condensation build-up.


As engine technology evolves, a growing number of owners' manuals do not mention idling as these vehicles rarely idle (stop start or hybrids) or not at all (pure electric).


Below are samplings of manufacturer's original owner's manual pages for a variety of makes and models from 2016-2009 (red outlines and yellow highlights added).


In addition, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) conducted the study: Summary of OEM Idling Recommendations from Vehicle Owner’s Manuals

2016 BMW 3 SERIES & other BMWs

2016 DODGE CHARGER & other Dodges, Chryslers and


2016 CHEVROLET IMPALA & other Chevrolets, Buicks,

  Cadillacs, GMC

2016 FORD FUSION & other Fords

2016 FORD FUSION & other Fords


2016 MAZDA 3 & other Mazdas

2016 NISSAN ALTIMA & other Nissans

2016 PORSCHE 911 & other Porsches - video states, "Do

  not warm up the engine when stationary".

2016 SMART

2016 SUBARU (all)

2016 TOYOTA RAV4 & other Toyotas


2015 CHEVROLET MALIBU & other GM models: Buick,

  Cadillac, GMC

2015 CHRYSLER 200 & other Chryslers, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat

2015 FORD EXPLORER & other Fords and Lincoln

2015 FORD F-250-350-450-550 POWER STROKE DIESEL

2015 MAZDA MIATA & other Mazdas

2015 NISSAN XTERRA & other Nissans

2015 RAM 1500-2500-3500


2014 CHEVROLET IMPALA & other Chevrolets

2014 FORD FUSION & other Fords