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The Idle-Free California name is no longer an organization, but this website will remain for an undetermined time as an information resource for Californians.



You’re sitting in your car, waiting for a friend, reading email, texting or looking up directions with the engine running. Have you ever thought about the environmental consequences of this?

How about the costs you can save every day by simply turning your car off?



A vehicle that avoids idling when it is not necessary, like when parked with the engine running and going nowhere. In California, it is estimated that idling when parked burns 300 million gallons of fuel every year, resulting in three million tons of CO2 emissions.



Save money by burning less fuel and
   avoiding needless engine wear
Improve air quality and health
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

   that contribute to climate change

Conserve energy


California Air Resources Board (CARB) FACTSHEET:
Breathe easier, California! Turn off your engine.


NOTE TO COMPLAINANTS: Truck and bus idling in California is not allowed beyond five minutes—even with Certified Clean Idle stickers—in places defined by CARB as “restricted areas” such as homes, schools, hospitals, and senior and childcare facilities within 100 feet of the property line (this rule does not apply to cars or pick-up trucks). If you have a complaint, contact CARB by calling 1-800-363-7664 or visiting

QUICK TIPS to improve air quality, cut carbon emissions, and save money:


IN SUMMER: When parked and waiting, avoid using smartphones and Internet browsing with the engine

and A/C running. Too hot? Go into a building to keep cool.


IN WINTER: In general, limit warm ups to 30 seconds or less. Fuel-injected engines do not need long

stationary warm ups. Driving gently to moderately is the best way to warm up.


NOTE: For safety reasons Idle-Free California strongly recommends not shutting off engines in normal traffic such as at long red lights. It is, however, recommended to shut off engines in prolonged back ups, road construction zones, railroad crossings, and border crossings.


Wayne Michaud, Executive Director

Sacramento County, CA


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