What You Can Do

• First, warm up by driving gently to moderately, not idling, unless below freezing


• Avoid idling while using devices such as smart phones, and in wi-fi zones, while parked


• Avoid drive-thrus. Park it, shut it off and go into the place of business


• Avoid using a remote vehicle starter, which encourages unnecessary idling


• Purchase or lease a vehicle that does not idle such as a stop-start (aka start-stop), hybrid, plug-in hybrid or

   full electric vehicle


• Report a violation of California's heavy-duty vehicle idling regulation by calling

   1-800-363-7664 or 1-800-END-SMOG, or filling out an online complaint form


• Report a smoky vehicle (light-duty or heavy-duty) by calling 1-800-END-SMOG, or filling out an online Smoking

   Vehicle complaint form






• Inform local school administrators if witnessing prolonged idling of school buses or commercial vehicles on school

   grounds; if unresolved, contact Anna Borges | aborges@cde.ca.gov | 916-375-7105

• Department of Education School Facilities Staff of the School Facilities and Transportation Services Division

• California ACR-160 resolution (non-binding) encourages motorists to not idle their motor vehicles near places

   where children congregate. Contact your county California School Superintendent, school district head, or your local

   school principal in support of this measure. Ask that this measure be promoted in the school community and

   that NO IDLING signs (see below) be installed at schools.

Better yet, let's expand California's heavy-duty commercial diesel idling regulation to include light-duty

   vehicles (passenger cars, SUVs, vans, pickup trucks) on school property. Proposed regulation



California Air Resources Board board members, some of which serve on local air districts and/or are experts in

   fields that shape air quality rules. SEARCH ONLINE for these board member's contact information

Caltrans Sustainability

American Lung Association in California: Kimberly Amazeen, Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy, American

   Lung Association in California, at 916-585-7670 or Kimberly.Amazeen@lung.org

Breathe California Sacramento: Jennifer Finton, Acting Chief Executive Officer JFinton@sacbreathe.org

Sierra Club of California: Brandon Dawson, Director  Brandon.Dawson@sierraclub.org

• California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) Climate Change & Health Equity Program  CCHEP@cdph.ca.gov


• Idling police cruisers can really have a negative impact over time. Ask local police departments to consider

   equipping their police cruisers with idle management systems (allowing full function of electronics) that pay for

   themselves over time.


• Support roundabouts - they save gas by preventing idling, shorten trip time and studies show they reduce accidents


• Print and distribute idling information handouts when witnessing prolonged idling by individuals or at stores and



• Spread the word on anti-idling to family, friends, and on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and

   neighborhood forums such as NextDoor


• Write a letter to the editor - use compelling idling facts to raise awareness of unnecessary vehicle idling (idling

   when parked)


• NO IDLING SIGNS: Ask local schools to post no idling signs; ask banks to post such signs at ATM drive thrus; ask

   mall owners to post signs in parking lots. NO IDLING SIGN TEMPLATES: