A vehicle that avoids idling when it is not necessary, like when parked with the engine running and going nowhere. In California, it can be roughly estimated that idling when parked burns 375 million gallons of fuel every year, emitting 3.75 million tons of CO2.


Save money by burning less fuel

   & avoiding needless engine wear
Improve air quality and health
Reduce greenhouse gas

   emissions that contribute to

   climate change

Conserve energy


QUICK TIPS to improve air quality & cut carbon emissions:


IN SUMMER: When parked and waiting, avoid using smartphones and Internet browsing with the engine

   and A/C running. Too hot? Go into a building to keep cool.


IN WINTER: In general, limit warm ups to 30 seconds or less. Fuel-injected engines do not need long

   stationary warm ups. Driving gently to moderately is the best way to warm up.



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